Cielos azules


This section aims to promote reflection and multidisciplinary dialogue in relation to culture and arts in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

It covers 2 sections:

- Blog: here you can read short texts and interact with the writers

- Library: in this section, you can read texts with a greater number of pages

How to take part?

To publish texts, you need to write to us at and send us the file you want to publish, along with a short profile and your CV.


Please take into account the following guidelines.

  1. The language of the text will have to be Spanish or in its case English.

  2. The texts will be subject to revision before publication.

  3. The texts will have a minimum of 1500 characters and a maximum of 5000. In case your text exceeds the maximum of characters, it is considered to be published in the library.

  4. Include a summary profile.

  5. Blanco de Titanio reserves the right to correct the style of all works accepted for publication and to apply the editorial criteria that contribute to their improvement.

  6. In case of using citations, they will have to be placed in the APA format.

  7. In the case of using images, they must be sent separately in jpg format and include the source.

  8. If your text was selected for publication, our team will notify you.

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