Blanco de Titanio is a digital space that seeks to disseminate and promote contemporary artistic development through virtual exhibitions. This is in order to increase the registration of the work to make its existence visible. We promote artistic participation and the promotion of Mexican culture through the collectivity and dialogue of our viewers. We seek to facilitate access to contemporary art and contribute to reflection and critical thinking.


Blanco de Titanio aspires to be a face-to-face gallery of national character where contemporary artists can exhibit their work. We seek to generate questions and reflections through contemporary art in order to stimulate the critical sense of our public.


The Titanium White gallery maintains values ​​that govern its operation.
-Honesty and respect for artists and their work: The artistic and human integrity of our gallery is the largest pillar on which our structure lays its foundation. Honesty is essential for healthy and proper development. Relations of respect and dignity for artists, gallery owners, exhibitors and the general public determine the proper functioning of our project.
-Inclusion: BDT seeks to reach a diversity of audiences and viewers with different visions and interests. Disseminate inclusive content, without underestimating the plurality of concepts and formal solutions that each artist proposes. Titanium White does not close its doors to any type of public or proposal.
-Artistic sensitivity and creativity: The originality and quality of the projects presented in the gallery are a crucial basis for offering better content to our viewers and to our registration catalog.
-Teamwork integrating the community: The community and the interaction between the artists and the spectators, maintain an atmosphere of agreement and social integration, strengthening the ties of the artistic community.

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